Featured Project

Broughton Archipelago-Off-grid

“We are only too happy to recommend Small Planet Energy. The Small Planet team did an excellent job of designing and installing our off-grid solar system. Our cabin is a float house situated in the Broughton Archipelago, near Echo Bay. Their work is outstanding and we could not be more pleased with our system. The Small Planet team is a pleasure to work with and gives much thought to be sure the customer will be satisfied with the results of their work.” ~ Rick, Broughton Archipelago


Help update an aging and underperforming system, virtually eliminating the need for generator use, in this remote float house.

The Solution

We designed a battery-based system with 4.4kw of solar capacity, which will virtually eliminate the need for generator use year round. Equipment was transported by barge to the remote site and the Small Planet team came in by boat to complete the installation. Although the roof is facing west, the solar window is excellent with the afternoon sun year-round.

Equipment Used