Featured Project

Burgoyne Bay – Salt Spring Island

Our experience with SPE has been efficient, informative and a lot of fun. These folks are at the top of their game in the exciting and ever-changing world of eco-energy. Will and Jarek have a vast knowledge of all new developments in the field and have a strong foundation in experience. This makes them well positioned to tailor a system that fits an individual client’s needs within an allotted budget. We feel so fortunate to have learned of this company through word of mouth. Not only do we now have an amazing off grid energy system that meets all of our needs, but the cost savings are terrific. We were also able to use the system to generate all of the energy to build our home during every phase of construction. This was an added, and unforeseen bonus. Our advice to others considering an alternative energy efficient home is to contact SPE, and contact them early. The environment and your pocket book will thank you for it. ~Jayson and Natalie, Burgoyne Bay, Salt Spring Island


We met the owners at the Salt Spring Island Eco Home tour, which we were a part of, showcasing the temporary solar PV system at Seven Ravens Farm. The owners, who also own and operate Vancouver Island Paragliding, were very excited about the possibility of doing the same thing at their newly acquired large acreage near by.  Sure enough, the following year after seeing the end result at Seven Ravens Farm, we were contacted to help with the building of an ultra-efficient off-grid home.

The Solution

As before, we built a temporary solar installation that allows for the  building of the home with minimal to no generator use.  This system is currently powering the entire construction site and will soon be transferred to the home.

Equipment Used