Featured Project

Campbell River – Summer

When we decided to put in a Solar PV Net Metering System we choose Small Planet Energy Inc. and Jarek Kubacki to do the installation. We were not disappointed. We set a tight schedule and demanding specifications regarding kilowatts we expected from a limited area. Jarek brought us a plan that worked on both counts.

Jarek and his Small Planet team came with expertise, professionalism, enthusiasm and a strong work ethic that made this project a success both technically and aesthetically. We will enjoy it for years to come.

~Dave and Kathy, Campbell River


We were contacted by the owners to install a solar PV grid-tie system that was as large as possible on their substantial south facing roof face. The goal was to drastically decrease the home’s carbon foot print.

The Solution

With size and aesthetics in mind, we installed a 6.7Kw solar PV system, using 305 watt PV modules. These larger than average modules were selected because of their fit on the available roof space, covering as much of the roof as possible, while leaving enough room to walk around the array if needed. The completion of the project was highlighted by the charging of the family’s Nissan Leaf(electric car) directly from the sun.

Equipment Used