Featured Project

Lake Cowichan – Grid-tie

“For a project of this size, I like it when a contractor shows up with a plan. I found Jarek and his team excellent to work with.  I also appreciated all of the ‘Made in Canada’ materials. Small Planet was on-time and on-target. Jarek answered every question I had and there were many questions. Thanks to Small Planet Energy for making this project a reality for all of us.” ~ Kevin, Lake Cowichan


Help the customer reduce their monthly energy costs and achieve their renewable energy goals.

The Solution

We assessed the available roof space and decided that a 5.5kw solar PV system would be the best choice for this residence.  The system is comprised of 21-260 watt, Canadian made, Canadian Solar modules as well as a 6kw Solaredge inverter.  The Solaredge system provides module level MPPT (maximum power point tracking), which enables the modules to react better to changes in sun irradiance and temperature, minimizing power loss on cloudy days.  Cloud cover changes in irradiance are frequent and fast, therefore the MPPT leads to increased energy yield.

Equipment Used