Featured Project

Lasqueti Island

After over twenty five years of managerial level professional experience in the PV industry I have a pretty good idea about the level of knowledge and skill a truly qualified PV installation company requires – especially one that ventures off-grid. The reason I hired Small Planet Energy to install a complicated micro-grid system at my off-grid home was the level of certification and trade qualification the principals bring to the job and I was not disappointed. I recommend Small Planet Energy to any one wanting the utmost level of quality with respect to a renewable energy installation.~ Ezra, Lasquiti Island


Increase solar collection capabilities and upgrade the system.

The Solution

This off-grid system, consisting of multiple arrays and resources, was redesigned to function as a sophisticated mini-grid, based upon the SMA SunnyIsland concept. A 2kw array was added to the system on an out-building and connected to the rest of the system by way of an SMA SunnyBoy using AC coupling. This array was oriented more towards the West to take advantage of the afternoon sun.

Equipment Used