Featured Project

Marchant Creek, Uckucklesaht Inlet – Micro-hydro – Off-grid


To provide a reliable source of power for a cabin on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

The Solution

The owners contacted us to build a micro-hydro system for their cabin that is located near a year round creek. The flow in the creek had recently increased due to the start of the rainy season, so we decided to do the installation in two phases.  Phase one consisted of the installation of all of the electrical components of the system including  the turbine, diversion load controllers, associated breakers and an electric heater as a dump load.  The heater was mounted inside the cabin, so when the batteries are at full charge, the excess energy will go to heating the cabin in the winter.  Phase two,  will consist of mounting the intake and installing the penstock, down to the micro-hydro turbine.


Equipment Used