Annual Small Planet Cleanup Contest to Celebrate Earth Day

Thousands in cash prizes for best cleanups!

Congratulations to all of our 855 amazing participants in the 2022 Small Planet Cleanup Contest and thank you again to our incredible sponsors who combined to create $4875 in cash and prizes for our 2022 winners!!!!  
First place ($1500) was a 3-way tie.
$500 winner – Congratulations to Kiane Hoy and friends for their Black Creek power lines cleanup, including multiple trailer loads!
$500 winner – Congratulations to Sandy McLachlan and friends for their oceanfront cleanup efforts, including repelling down cliffs in climbing gear!
$500 winner – Congratulations to Madeline Christie, Shoshana Loewen and friends, for their superb nature park cleanup and teamwork.
1st place prizes sponsored by:
-Hi-Limit Plumbing and Heating $500
-Island Owl Mazda $500
-Small Planet Energy $500
Second place ($750) was a 3-way tie.
$250 winner – Congratulations to Maria, Gloria, Sharon and friends, for their incredible light bulb moment forest cleanup!
$250 winner – Congratulations to Taralyn Devocht for her month-long forest cleanup!
$250 winner – Congratulations to Ecole Puntledge Park for organizing 16 of their K-6 classes to clean up their local forests, creeks, and school grounds.
2nd place prizes sponsored by:
-TPH Contracting $500
-Fitness Etc $250
Third place ($300) was a 3-way tie.
$100 winner – James Barth for his earth day and year-round cleanup efforts
$100 winner – Darlene Chick Siu and friends for cleaning up the Quinsam Road area every day of the contest and for the past 2 years.
$100 winner – Larry Jackson and Doug Anderson for the daily efforts to take care of the Tyee Spit beaches and trails.
3rd place prizes sponsored by Ranger Forest Services
Winners of the prizes donated:
Anytime Fitness – 3-month full membership pass (Value $195) – Winners Sara and friends for their concerted efforts to clean up the Cumberland Cemetery and Lake Trail forest area.
Prize sponsored by Anytime Fitness
Waypoint Insurance Prize Basket (Value $200) and Large Pizza from Fratelli Pizza – Winners are the Carihi Secondary School Forestry Program for cleaning up a dumpster full of garbage, as well as several shopping carts, from the forest near Carihi.
Prize sponsored by Waypoint Insurance and Challah Ewing at Solace Massage
19 most impressive children’s cleanup winners:
$100 – Michelle Merkel & the Robron Nexus AM program – sponsored by Ranger Forest Services
$100 – Tanesha, siblings, and little ones – sponsored by Ranger Forest Services
$100 – Louisel Rochefort and her grade 1-2 class – sponsored by IZCO Technology
$100 – Katie Leith-Mills and her grade 4 class -sponsored by IZCO Technology
$100 – Flora Wood and her class – sponsored by IZCO Technology
$100 – Meaghan Logue and family – sponsored by IZCO Technology
$100 – Kaleo and Kamea Baer – sponsored by IZCO Technology
$100 – Van & Ali Ellsworth – sponsored by Mosaic Forestry
$100 – Alyia Vazaios – sponsored by Mosaic Forestry
$100 – Amy Ebdrup and daughter – sponsored by Mosaic Forestry
$100 – Brandon Rockhill and his grade 5-6 class – sponsored by Mosaic Forestry
$100 – Michelle Merkel and her Robron School math group – sponsored by Mosaic Forestry
$100 – Jennifer Hedican and her grade 1-2 class – sponsored by Sage Spa
$100 – Liam, Tom and Gloria – sponsored by Sage Spa
$100 – Dianna Mallory and her grade K-1 class – sponsored by Sage Spa
$100 – Kirsten Andrews and her K-7 Eblend Class – sponsored by Sage Spa
$100 – Cole and Daphne Andrews – sponsored by Sage Spa
$100 – J. Beverly DellaMae and children – sponsored by Small Planet Energy
$100 – Cameron with Van Isle Clean Team – sponsored by Small Planet Energy
Thank you to all the winners and to the many participants, who worked together to clean up several thousand kilograms of garbage in the 2022 Small Planet Cleanup Contest! The judging panel were incredibly inspired by everyone’s efforts! Please remain diligent in your efforts to take care of Mother Earth and stay tuned for 2023’s contest details!

Special thanks again to our generous sponsors at Hi-Limit Plumbing and Heating Inc, Island Owl Mazda, The Web Smith, TPH Contracting Inc., IZCO Technology Solutions, Fitness Etc., Ranger Forest Services, Sage Spa, Mosaic, Anytime Fitness and Waypoint Insurance. Lastly, thank you to Pitch-In Canada for providing 400 biodegradable garbage bags to help with our clean up!

Event photos from previous years

Tara Jordan, co-owner of Small Planet Energy Inc., discovered garbage that had been dumped near Small Planet headquarters in 2020. After doing a clean-up, we were inspired to initiate a challenge to have others do the same.

Winners from previous year’s contests: Van and Ali Ellsworth, Jaimie Barth, Larry Jackson and Doug Anderson, Katie Wilson and friends, Jared, Nolan and Chelsey Holley, Janice Sewell and friends, Barbara Forde and friends, , members from the Centre for Inspired Living, SD72 classes and many others.